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About us

Zen-imal for us represents the perfect balance that we all strive to achieve with our health and our own well-being.  When thinking of the goods and services we wanted to offer our family, friends and their fur babies we thought to offer this balance in quality and price.  Finding the perfect Zen for the entire family including our animals.


Founded in 2016

Under the Brand name of Perfetto Peterbald, our Cattery prided itself in raising Peterbald Cat Breed.


June 2021

Understanding the needs of our cats and cats in general we wanted to share this with our adopting families as well as other cat and dog owners.  Feeding the right food to maintain a good health and weight is vital to the overall well-being of our pets.  Each brand of food and product we introduce on our site has been reviewed and approved by our own experience.  Being in the Cat Fancy for many years we have had the opportunity to build relationships with various cat and dog breeders and have taken their feedback to aid us in bringing the best products to the consumer.



Our vision is to work and find the best quality products to keep your family pets in health and happy.

All the time keeping at competitive market pricing